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Six of the seven user roles in GoCanvas allow users to login to both the website and the mobile application with tiers of permissions within those roles. However, some businesses want slightly less permissions for certain users. When creating a new user, admins will now have the option to choose the Mobile Only User role. This role type restricts the user from accessing the website, only allowing the user to access GoCanvas through the mobile or desktop application.

Set the Role when Creating a New User

As is typical of the process of creating a new user in an account without Departments enabled, this role will be listed as an option in the Role drop down menu. 

If your account does have Departments enabled, this role will be available in the Account Role drop down and will gray out the Department Role drop down.

Edit a User’s Role in the Profile

If a user either needs more permissions or less, their role can also be edited from the user’s Profile page.

The Role in Practice

If a Mobile Only User attempts to login to the website, an error message will appear stating, “Your account is not authorized for web access. Contact your administrator.”

Additionally, the “Mobile Use” settings on the Edit & View form settings page are compatible with this role. The user can either be allowed or restricted from editing or viewing the PDF for their submissions on mobile depending on whether these two permissions are checked or not.

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