GoCanvas Glossary of Terms

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Advanced Form Builder

The Advanced Form Builder is our legacy form builder.


Using the information you already collect with your GoCanvas forms, we can provide you with deeper insight into your data with custom dashboards to fit your needs. Analytics can be added from day one or at any point in your service.


Removes a published form from all mobile devices but preserves their submission data. Archived forms can be restored.

Bulk Dispatch

The ability to upload multiple dispatches using a single file. Accessible in the Create Dispatch dropdown in Work Hub.

Builder BETA

Builder BETA is a fresh look & improved builder experience to help you build a form & get to value faster. Builder BETA is the future of our form builder and will be continuously improved to have all functionalities of the Advanced Form Builder and more!

Business Insights

Business Insights is for exporting your submissions to Excel for basic reporting or automatically upload reference data or bulk upload dispatches.


In an form, you can set a screen or a field to only appear if certain responses are given to a set field. This is sometimes called "skip logic" because a common use for conditional logic is to skip a screen entirely.

Custom PDF

A PDF output that has been designed and implemented by the GoCanvas Client Engagement Services team. 

To learn more about GoCanvas Client Engagement Services, please contact your GoCanvas Customer Success Manager, Account Manager, Account Executive, or submit a ticket to support.

Custom Sender Address

Customize the email address from where submissions will be emailed. Can be done on an account level or a form level.


Department functionality allows you to separate GoCanvas forms, submission data, and users inside a single GoCanvas account. This is typically for larger organizations that need to manage lots of GoCanvas forms and users.


Assign jobs to team members out in the field by sending pre-filled GoCanvas forms to users on their mobile devices.

Dispatch Calendar

Located within the Upcoming tab of Work Hub, Scheduled Dispatches can be viewed, created, edited, and deleted from a calendar interface. This is available for select plans.


Elements are components you can add to your PDF that don't pull from data entered in your mobile form. That includes static text, images, social sharing icons and links, page breaks, and submission numbers.

Export Label

A field setting in the Form Builders that allows you to set a value for the label of a field that only appears when you're exporting the data.


The place in an form where the user enters data. There are 18+ field types available that each allow for different data collection needs. 

Field Mask

A field setting in the Advanced Form Builder that requires the user to input text data in a specific format.

Field Library and Field Settings

The left portion of the Form Builders, which allows you to quickly add a field to the currently selected screen via drag-and-drop. After a field is added, this is where you will edit any field settings. 


Folder functionality allows you to subdivide your GoCanvas forms and submissions in order to stay organized. Folders appear on the Forms and Submissions pages when logged into the GoCanvas website. These folders will also show up on your mobile device for your users. Learn more.


The digital version of the paper form you've replaced in GoCanvas.

Form Icon

The image that displays on a user's mobile device next to the name of the form. This can be useful for helping users identify and distinguish forms, as well as for branding purposes.

Form Outline

The Form Outline allows gives you a high-level view of your form by showing each screen in order. You can add, delete, reorder, and set a screen to be a loop from here.

Form Status

The status of an form is used to let Company Admins and Company Designers of an account know what stage of development a particular form is in currently.

GoCanvas Integrations

The ability to integrate GoCanvas with business tools you already use. Automate your workflow by pushing and pulling data from GoCanvas to save time and effort on daily tasks. 


During a Workflow, a handoff is the action of passing a form from one person to another.

Loop Screen

Allows you to create the tables that you have in your paper forms on your mobile device. Loops will allow you to repeat a set of fields as many times as you need to — just like you adding another line item to a table. Loops screens are Tables in the Builder BETA.

PDF Designer

Our drag-and-drop tool where you can place the fields from your form where you want them on the PDF. The GoCanvas Form Builder allows you to edit how you capture data, the PDF Designer gives you control over the appearance of the PDF output of your data.

Project Management View

A simple yet powerful tool for the back office to monitor all of the work that is in progress, schedule work in advance and react effectively at a moment's notice, and make data driven decisions, all within the powerful GoCanvas platform. Add your Projects, Customers, and Sites to track the progress of your jobs all in one place.

Quick Links

On the Forms page, Quick Links are the three dots at the end of each row. They allow you to Copy, Assign, Move, Archive or Permanently Delete, and Revert to previous version, depending on the Form Status.

Reference Data

Upload lists of customers, parts, pricing and more so fields can be auto-populated for your mobile users. Makes filling out forms more efficient, more accurate, and can be applied to many use cases. 

Reference Images

Static images that your mobile users can draw on top of when at a job site.

Standard PDF

This is the default PDF that gets created by the GoCanvas system automatically with every submission. You are able to slightly customize a Standard PDF through settings in the Form Builders and Form Settings pages, but otherwise the Standard PDF will output your fields in order.


A form that has been completed on the mobile device and securely uploaded to the GoCanvas cloud, where it can be accessed and shared.

Submission Number

Generates a unique number for each submission.

Submission Status

Submission Status allows you to create your own statuses for your submissions. Then you can assign these statuses to help you track your internal processes.


Syncing is the mechanism that moves a submission from a user's mobile device to the GoCanvas cloud. A submission is not considered complete until the device has synced with our server. Syncing also is how GoCanvas verifies the user's credentials and checks for updates (including updated forms, reference data and images, workflows, and dispatches).

Table of Contents

Allows mobile users to fill out whatever screen they want instead of going in order. Not compatible with Workflow.


A Template is a copy of a GoCanvas form that does not transmit down to a mobile device, but can act as a starting point for a new GoCanvas form.

User Groups

User Groups allow you to easily assign GoCanvas forms to specific sets of users. Anytime you add a new user to a User Group they will be automatically assigned any forms assigned to that group.

Webservices API

Based upon the Representational State Transfer (REST) style of web service invocation, our API is primarily meant to allow customers to pull down submitted information. Some limited data can be pushed into the GoCanvas system for use by mobile clients.


Workflow is for processes where multiple people have to fill out a GoCanvas form. Mobile users can pass a submission from one user to the next until it is completed. 

Work Hub

Work Hub is a tab in the left navigation of the GoCanvas portal where you can operate your day-to-day operations all in one place. Admins, Designers, and Dispatchers can manage all field work, view Upcoming Dispatches, In Progress workflows and submissions, or completed submissions from one central location.

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