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Our modern interface with updated styling now has a few more features. With this update, all accounts will have access to Folder in our. most up to date interface for Legacy GoCanvas.

Forms Page_Turbo Folders Experience.png


Folders allow you to organize your GoCanvas forms and submissions, decluttering your Forms page and making forms easier to find. They also show up on the mobile application for your users.

To create a Folder, select the Create New button in the upper right corner of the Forms page. Select the last option in the expanded drop down menu, Folder.


Creating folders within folders, or nested folders, is not available.


Create New_Folder.png

A new Folder will appear at the top of the list where you can then name the folder. Press Enter or select Create Folder to add the folder to your Forms page. Underneath the name of each folder, you will see the number of forms that are within it. All forms in the folder will be counted, even those that are Archived and filtered by default.


Once created, you can drag and drop your existing forms into the folder. 


Existing forms can also be moved by pressing the Quick Links icon in line with the form you wish to move. This will expand a menu with the option to Move above Permanently Delete. Select this option and a dialogue box will appear with the folders in the account. Highlight the radio button by the folder where you want to move the form and then press Move.

Forms Page_Quick Links_Move GIF.gif

Enter the folder by pressing the hyperlink name of the folder and your form will appear in the list based on how the folder is sorted, the default being Form Name (A-Z).

Also note that any form that is created from within a folder will automatically be added to that folder.

A form can also be removed from a folder by using the above method; simply select Forms from the dialogue box.


In line with each folder name is a Pencil and a Bomb icon. The pencil icon allows for you to edit the name of the folder. The bomb icon will destroy the folder, or permanently delete the folder. The bomb icon will be greyed out if there are any forms within the folder as a folder can only be destroyed if it is empty.


Additional Updates

Users familiar with our legacy page will remember the Edit PDF icon. This button, located between the Edit Form and Form Settings icons, will automatically launch the PDF Designer for the selected form so admins and designers can go straight to the PDF rather than through the Form Builder.



Once all your forms are organized into folders, using the Search bar will help you locate what you are looking for quickly. Search results will not only bring up the items matching your query but will also show which folder a form is nested in. This is especially useful in not only accounts with hundreds of forms but those accounts utilizing departments as well.

The Status menu has also gotten a very subtle update: the checkboxes for New, Pending, and Published are now checked by default, excluding Archived forms.


Finally, the bottom of the page will also have quick access to Templates again so accounts that utilize this functionality to make forms from templates will be able to access those templates from the Forms page.

Forms Page_Templates.png

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