What is the Reference Image Report?

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The Reference Image Report is an efficient way to determine which reference images are in use and to which forms they are mapped.

Reference Image Report

Reference Images used in forms are a great way to provide needed context to users in the field. However, if a reference image is used in more than one form, admins, designers, dispatchers, and reporters can run this quick and easy report to see which forms are using the reference image if updates are needed.

Reports_Reference Image Report.png

Select the Reference Image Report hyperlink to run the report. On the internal screen, the Reference Image Name is shown on the left column and the Form names where an image is located are listed on the right.

Reports_Reference Image Report_Run report by.png

The report will be run by Form but there is a drop down menu by Run report by at the top of the screen to switch to run the report by Reference Images. Select View to run the report again. The report can also be exported as a CSV file type.

Viewing by Reference Data

This view shows:

  • Reference Image Name,
  • Form Name.

This view is most helpful when the goal is determining with image(s) are in use.

Viewing by Form

This view show:

  • Form Name,
  • Status,
  • Date and time of the last Update,
  • Reference Image used by the form.

This view is most helpful when the goal is determining which forms have a reference image and the image(s) attached.

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