Does GoCanvas work if my device isn't connected to the internet?

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GoCanvas operates as a rich client on your mobile device, which means you can complete forms even if you don't have wireless coverage. Once you return to an area with network or Wi-Fi coverage, you can upload your submissions.

Offline Functionality

Many of our customers purchase tablets for their users but do not purchase data plans for them as a way to save money. They simply synchronize GoCanvas before they leave their home/office for the day and then synchronize at the end of the day. 

However, your device needs to validate your credentials against the server regularly. If you're frequently working in areas without coverage you will want to change how often you are required to validate your credentials.

The default time period is set to require validation once every 24 hours. Configure your settings so you only need to validate once every 30 days by changing the Client Timeout Window.

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