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Workflow History is the simplest way to view all documentation of where a workflow has been to better understand your process and day-to-day operations.

Where to Find Workflow History

Workflow History is located within individual submissions, accessible either on the Submissions page or through the Submitted tab in Work Hub. Please note that a submission must have an active workflow in order to see Workflow History.

Navigate to either Submissions or Submitted in Work Hub and select the submission link you wish to learn more about. At the top of the page is:

  • A section dedicated to general information about the submission;
  • A button to view the PDF;
  • A blue box with:
    • A quick overview of the amount of revisions,
    • The last revision for this submission.

In between the View PDF and the Revisions box is a Clock Icon. This icon will take you to the Workflow History page for this submission.


What is Included in Workflow History

Workflow History includes the following information:

  • Workflow State: Each row will be at a different point in the workflow, whether the state is the Handoff Name or Completed when it has been submitted.
  • Submitter: User that submitted that handoff of the workflow.
  • Submitted At: Time the user submitted that handoff.
  • Receiver: Who received the next handoff.
  • Received At: Time the user received the next handoff.
  • Rejection Note: If the handoff is rejected, there is an optional note that can be attached. Workflow History will document every Rejection Note to better track processes and keep records of what exactly was rejected and at what point in the form.


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