How to Insert a Static Image on the Builder

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Static Images are a great way to relay visual information when text alone doesn't suffice.

Static Image Field

Blueprints, floor plans, diagrams, keys and legends are just a few examples of things you might want to incorporate into your form using the Static Image field.

Adding a Reference Image to the Account

Just like with Reference Data, Reference Images cannot be added from within the Builder. So first, the image must be uploaded from the Reference Data & Images page.

  1. Go to Reference Data & Images page.
  2. In the Reference Images area, select the Add Image button.RD_I_Add_Image.png
  3. Enter the name of the image.
  4. Select Choose file and select the image to upload.
  5. Upload.


Adding a Static Image to the Form

  1. Drag a Static Image field from the field library and place it in your form. Select the + Add Reference Image button.Builder_Static Image.png
  2. In the Field Settings modal, select the Reference Image that was uploaded to your account from the drop down menu. SaveBuilder_Static Image_Select Reference Image.png
  3. Update the Field Label with a short description of what the image represents. Please note, the Preview in the left panel will not reflect the actual static image that has been added and will instead have a placeholder.                                          Builder_Static Image_In Preview.png
  4. Save and Publish to see it in action.

Static Images on Mobile

On mobile, users can open full-size images, zoom in, and pan around to get a more detailed look.

iOS_Static Image.gif 

Please Note

As a default, accounts are limited to 10 Reference Images but you may Submit a Ticket to our Support team to request an increase.

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