Number Format Single Line Style Text Fields in the Builder

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A field that needs to capture numeric data that is not used in a calculation can be configured with a Number format Single Line style Text field.

Number Format Single Line Text Field

Certain numeric data, like postal codes and phone numbers, may require attributes that are not possible with a Number field. For example, some US ZIP codes start with a 0 and number fields will not allow that. Additionally, phone numbers are easier to read with formatting like parentheses and dashes, which are allowed by a Single Line Text Field.

In order to change the format of a single line style text field, simply select the gear icon associated with the Text field to open the Field Settings modal. Under the Format drop down, select Number.

Builder_Single Line Text Field_Number Format.png

Save and Publish to see it on mobile. Once on mobile, the field will default to the secondary keyboard where numbers and special characters are located.

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