How to Enable Dispatch

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Dispatch allows you to pre-populate GoCanvas forms and then assign them to any users in your account.

Enable Dispatch

Dispatch is a great way to assign jobs to your mobile workers so they know where to go, who to talk to when they get there, and what needs to be done.  

Jobs can be dispatched from Work Hub individually or in bulk by uploading a CSV file. You can also use Webservices to push dispatches automatically to GoCanvas from your own system. As a reminder, the ability to create and edit dispatches is exclusive to the admin, dispatcher, and designer roles.

  1. Navigate to the Forms page.
  2. Select the name of the form you want to activate dispatch on.
  3. Under Settings, find Dispatch and select the Settings button.Dispatch_Form_Setting.png
  4. Check the box and Save to enable Dispatch. The second checkbox will allow the dispatcher to use reference data to fill field values while creating the dispatch.Form Settings_Dispatch_Enable Dispatch.png

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