Automatically Upload Submissions

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If a mobile user loses access to the internet while completing a submission, Auto Sync is a convenient feature that will automatically upload submissions once they regain coverage.

Auto Sync

Whenever your users fill out a form in GoCanvas, they are required to sync their device to upload the submission to the GoCanvas account. However, if users don't have access to the internet when a submission is completed, they will need to manually sync once coverage is regained.

With Auto Sync, your reports will upload to GoCanvas automatically when you have access to data or wifi. This is especially useful when completing submissions in an area without signal.

Please Note

Auto Sync will not download any new reference data, form updates, workflows, or dispatches. If you are notified that new data is available, you must sync your device to retrieve that data.

Enable Auto Sync

  1. Open your GoCanvas application on mobile. This setting can be toggled on when logged out or logged in. 
  2. Tap the More menu in the lower right corner after logging in or the triple bar button in the upper right corner of the login screen.iOS_More Menu.pngiOS_Login Screen_Triple Bar Menu.png
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Toggle on Auto Sync.                                                     iOS_More_Settings_Auto Sync.png

With Auto Sync enabled, you will not have the option to automatically download or view the PDF after completing a submission. This is to allow you to keep working and start filling out another form. 

There are some differences between the auto upload functionality on Android and iOS.


  • As long as the GoCanvas application is open or in the background, GoCanvas will detect when you have coverage and upload your submissions automatically.
  • If you force close out of GoCanvas, your submissions will not upload until you relaunch the application.


  • iOS has limitations on how long they allow certain applications to function in the background. This limit is 180 seconds. Apple has criteria for applications they allow to function in the background (such as navigation applications).
  • If GoCanvas is in the background, it will attempt to upload your submissions for as long as the iOS limit allows.
  • If the iOS limit has passed, GoCanvas will automatically upload your submissions the next time you are actively using GoCanvas and you have coverage.

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