Why is the username field greyed out on the GoCanvas app?

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If you are using a shared device, you may encounter the username field being greyed and not editable on the login screen of the GoCanvas mobile application. 

Clear Data

This occurs when the previous user has saved or pending submissions on the device. The username fields becomes uneditable on the login screen in order to protect any non-uploaded data.

iOS_Greyed Out Username.png

The first step to take is to contact the previous user to confirm whether the data must be uploaded or if it can be deleted. If the data must remain saved until upload, please set the device aside until the previous user can submit. You will need to use a different device until the previous user has uploaded the data.

If the saved or pending submissions can be deleted, you'll need to clear data from the device. After you've cleared data, you should be able to change usernames on the device.


This will delete any saved or pending data from the device. Once deleted, the data cannot be recovered. Please use with caution.

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