How to Submit Error Logs on Mobile Devices

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Though rare, occasionally errors occur while using the GoCanvas application. That's why we make it easy to submit error logs.

Mobile Application Error Log

When our users submit error logs, it allows our team to analyze errors, track down any issues, and ultimately troubleshoot the problem. 


While the same process, we have additional security measures for our customers with HIPAA security enabled.

  1. Start the GoCanvas application on your device.
  2. Select More in the bottom right corner of the screen.iOS_More Menu.png
  3. Select Contact Support.                                         iOS_More_Contact Support.png
  4. A text area will pop up, allowing you to enter comments that get sent with the logs to GoCanvas. Include a description of the issue and anything else you think we should know to replicate or solve the issue.                                                          iOS_Contact Support Screen.jpg
  5. Select Send. Your message and the logs will be sent to GoCanvas support.

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