How to Reassign a Submission

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With the Assignments feature, users can start a submission, then reassign it directly to another user to complete.


The Reassign action can be enabled on a form-by-form basis using the Assignment Settings from the Form Settings page.

  1. Tap Menu ellipsis button in the upper right corner of the screen and Reassign. ReassignOption.png
  2. If the Submission is fresh and does not have a name yet, a pop-up will ask you to name the task first.
  3. If the form is published to multiple Departments, the user will first decide which department the submission needs to belong to.
  4. Next, a list of available users will pull up. This list will include the current user as well as other users who have been granted permission to fill out the form, or the other way a form can be "assigned" to a user.                                          iOS_Ellipsis_Reassign_Select a user.png
  5. Tap the name of the user to whom you want to reassign the submission, then confirm the selection by tapping Reassign on the new message.

Once the submission is reassigned, it will appear as a new task on the other user's device.

The Assignment status for submissions is also displayed in Work Hub in your portal, where admins, designers, and dispatchers can manually reassign, unassign, and delete submissions.

Please Note

Assignments is not supported in the Windows Desktop Client.

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