How to Unassign and Claim a Submission

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With the Assignments feature, users can start a submission, then Unassign themselves to make the submission available for other users on their account to review or add information. 


The Unassign and Claim actions can be enabled on a form-by-form basis using the Assignment Settings on the Form Settings page

Unassign and Claim Submissions

How to Unassign a Submission How to Claim a Submission

To unassign a submission, tap the Quick Links button, the ellipsis, in the upper right corner and select Unassign.

iOS_Quick Links_Unassign.png

Confirm this action by naming the submission and tapping Unassign on the new message. Once the submission has been unassigned, it will now appear as an available task on user devices with the related form.


If Unassign is turned on but Claim is not, unassigned submissions need to be manually assigned by an Admin from the Dispatch Manager.

Please Note

Assignments require Save to Cloud, neither of which are supported in the Windows Desktop Client.

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