Adding Projects to your GoCanvas account is the next step to reaping the organizational benefits of the GoCanvas platform.


  1. Navigate to the Projects page from the left navigation.PM_Projects_No Projects.png
  2. Select New Project in the upper right corner of the page. Or at the center of the page if you have no Projects yet.PM_Projects_New Project Button.png
  3. A New Project modal will pop up on the screen. Here you can add the Project Name at the top of the modal. PM_Projects_New Project Modal.png


The only elements required to create a customer is the first/last name or business name and the primary site name. The following steps are optional organizational elements.

  1. Under Status, set the project as Active, Draft, or InactivePM_Projects_New Project Modal_Status.png
  2. Under Customer, the project can be associated with a customer. Although we recommend adding a customer first, if you have not done so yet, visit the Help Center article, “How do I add a Customer.”
  3. If you do associate this project with a customer, you can then select a Site, which will populate the site address automatically.
  4. Project Code keeps all of your Projects unique. This ensures the information you track belongs to the correct Project and any information auto-filled on mobile is accurate. A unique code will automatically generate if you do not create one.
  5. Set the Start Date and the End Date, if there is one. Otherwise leave these blank.
  6. Select Create Project in the lower right corner of the modal.

Edit a Project

  1. Under Actions, the last column on the far right side of the page, select the Edit Project icon.
  2. The Edit Project modal will pop up on the screen, allowing you to edit any of the fields previously filled or left blank.
  3. Select Save Project to close the modal.

Please submit a ticket to Support if you have an issue, or provide valuable feedback to our Product team at

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