What is GoCanvas Integrations?

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GoCanvas Integrations is a powerful tool that allows you to take control over the specific integration needs of your team within GoCanvas. Connect the myriad of cloud and on-premise software that your business uses and manage data flow all in one place. 

GoCanvas Integrations

GoCanvas Integrations provides access to 1,000+ apps to integrate with, allows multiple integrations running simultaneously on a form, and has the ability to map fields from GoCanvas into other software. 

GoCanvas Integrations allow you to:

  1. Automatically create or delete a Dispatch with pre-populated data,
  2. Sync data to GoCanvas to autofill fields in your forms,
  3. Update your other systems & processes with data from GoCanvas submissions.

For example, workers in the field need access to customer account information. Using GoCanvas Integrations, account information stored in your Customer Relationship Management software can push into GoCanvas to populate submissions for the field worker. The field worker can complete a submission and any new information entered about the account can push back to the CRM. 

In order to familiarize yourself with the basics of GoCanvas Integrations, below are a few terms that will help you get started: 


Projects are a way to organize related Recipes, Connections, and approved collaborators into one central location. Projects can be dedicated to specific workflows or teams that contain one or more recipes and connections.

Connections are a secure way for GoCanvas Integrations to have access to the software you use for your business.
Recipes are integrations that can span multiple apps. Each recipe comprises a trigger and one or more actions that can be carried out when the trigger event is picked up.
Triggers determine what event to listen to execute the actions described in a recipe. Or, an initiating event that starts the recipe in the determined sequence.
Actions can occur outright, or be triggered by IF conditions, IF/ELSE conditions, Repeat Actions, be made callable by other recipes, and provide error handling. Using these different variables, we can create multi-step workflows utilizing as many different applications as are necessary.
Community Library
The Community Library provides pre-built recipes to either use in your account or draw inspiration from to build your own recipes.

Ready to start exploring GoCanvas Integrations? Read on in the next article: Getting Started with GoCanvas Integrations.

To learn more about GoCanvas Client Engagement Services, please contact your GoCanvas Customer Success Manager, Account Manager, Account Executive, or submit a ticket to support.

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