Using a Recipe from the Community Library

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If you want to start automating your workspace and are looking for ideas and examples of existing recipes, the Community Library is the best place to start!

Community Library

With GoCanvas Integrations you can not only create GoCanvas-to-app and app-to-GoCanvas integrations, but also automate aspects of your workflow directly within GoCanvas itself.

  1. Navigate to Integrations in the left navigation.
  2. Select the hyperlink for Community Library in the top right corner of the page.Integrations_Community_Libraray_Link.png
  3. The Community Library has a toggle for Recipes and Custom Connectors. Select or search for an app that you want to connect with to explore its recipes.Integrations_Community_Library.png
  4. Select any of the recipes that you’d like to use to see more details about the recipe and the specific steps involved.Integrations_Community_Library_Search.gifIntegrations_Community_Library_Google_Ex..png
  5. Select Use this recipe up in the upper right corner to copy this into your account.
  6. You’ll need to either put this recipe in a location folder or create a new folder, if none exist. Then select Copy and save.Integrations_Use_this_recipe.png
  7. You will see red boxes around any step that will not run until the connection is set. You can select any of those red boxes to see the connection details.Integrations_Test_Recipe_Connection.png
  8. Once you enter your permissions and see all red boxes disappear, you are ready! Test the recipe to double check that everything is connected properly and when the test is successful, select Save in the upper right, and then Exit the Recipe Editor.
  9. Select Start Recipe in the upper right, and your recipe is now running in your workspace.

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