Create a read-only summary from data entered on different screens




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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    There's a way to do about 99% of this - the only difference is that it won't be in a single box. That said, everything else is achievable, including creating a dispatch with the information (using Zapier). And, it should be noted, if everything went into a single box, it would then not be able to be Dispatched.

    Here's what my App looks like on mobile:

    In the App Builder, the first three screens are pretty straightforward, just adding those fields as usual. The fourth screen is a little different. You'll notice that I've re-created those fields, but as read-only (and instead of using the drop down on the third screen, I made that a short text). I've also used something called Mirroring on those fields, which is why they're pulling in the same responses (ETA: there's now an easier way to do Mirroring). To use Mirroring, open up the field settings and click on "more." In the Receipt Label field, enter the word MIRROR: 

    As an important note, the Mirror feature is something we use but don't fully support - that is, we don't test against it when launching new versions, so it's a little less stable. You should also know that you can only Mirror fields that are on different screens. 

    So that's how you get to a summary screen. To Dispatch from those fields, you need to set up a Zapier ( integration. Here's what that would look like: 

    Set up your trigger as a GoCanvas Submission: 

    And select the correct App. Make sure you've done a Submission so you can test that connection.

    From there, you'll set up your Action, which is creating a Dispatch: 

    Then you'll map the fields from your original App to fields in the Dispatch App: 

    Once that's tested and complete, every time a user completes a Submission from the first App, a Dispatch to your second APp will be creating using that information. 

    I'm going to move this request into App Building, since it does exist. 

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    Karen Smythe-Witter

    I also need a similar feature


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