Businesses today understand the importance of data integrity, both in collecting the data and the tools used to collect the data. Having a record of high-level changes that are made to your forms and who made those changes is incredibly valuable not only for record-keeping, but peace of mind.


Form Edit History is a feature found within the Form Settings page that allows Admins and Designers to view the high-level changes made to their forms. These events includes:

  • Archived
  • Copy
  • Copy the selected version
  • Created
  • Published
  • Saved
  • Split form versions
  • Undo last publish
  • Unretired
  • Version Deleted

This feature can be found in the Quick Links section of each Form Settings page. To access Form Edit History, go to Forms > Settings > Quick Links near the top of the page and select Form Edit History.


Additionally, within the Form Edit History page, there is an option to Export the data to a .csv file or Filter the history by a date range to view specific points in time.

This is not a retroactive history. You’ll only see the list of events occurring after the official launch date of this feature.

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