What is the PDF & Web Label setting in the Legacy Builder?

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There's a setting in the Legacy Form Builder called PDF & Web Label. This setting allows a different field label to be shown on the submission than the text displayed in the form. 

PDF & Web Label

In the Legacy Builder, you will find this setting under the More section of your Field Settings.

LB_Field Settings_PDF & Web Label.png

The value included in this field setting will display on the Submissions page in the portal and on the PDF, both Standard and Designer, but not in the form.

For example, you could have a field with a label that is directing the user on what to input in the field, but the PDF & Web Label provides a concise description of the data that is captured in the field.

LB_Field Settings_PDF & Web Label Comparison.png

In this case, the user will see the field label "Input Customer's Name Here" when completing a submission in the form, but the resulting submission will display the field label "Customer Name" on the website and resulting Standard or Designer PDF.

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