Configuring Decimal Places for Number Fields in the Legacy Builder

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Number fields can set how many decimal places that field will accept when users are entering data on their mobile devices.  

Configuring Fields to Allow Decimal Places

The three types of fields that allow for decimals are Number Fields, Calculation Fields, and Summary Fields. The Number field is the only one of the three field types that has a No Limit option in the drop down but all three can be set to 1-6 decimal places or No Decimal Places Allowed.

  1. Select the field to open Field Settings in the left panel, and then expand the More drop down.LB_Number Field Settings_More_Decimal Places.png
  2. Set the Decimal Places dropdown to the desired number.LB_Number Field Settings_More_Decimal Places Expanded.png
  3. Save and Publish to device to share changes.


Number Fields set to Currency Style, or calculations and summaries that reference those fields, will only allow for two decimal places and the Decimal Places drop down will be greyed out.

Calculation Fields

Calculation Fields will default to the highest number of decimal places allowed by a field being used in the calculation. If you change the decimal places drop down to be lower than the highest number, the field will round down to that number of places.

In addition to the Decimal Places drop down under the More settings, decimal places can also be configured in the Create/Edit Calculation modal by toggling to the Format tab. The Decimal Places drop down is only available for Number and Currency formats and switching to a Time format will remove the Decimal Places drop down from under More.

LB_Field Settings_Calcualtion Format.png

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