What is the Unsecured Access setting in the Legacy Builder?

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The Unsecured Access setting in the Legacy Builder allows images collected through your form to be viewed by anyone, not just people who have GoCanvas accounts. 

Unsecured Access

By default all image fields are secured access only. If you do a submission and export your data (either from the Submissions page of GoCanvas or through an integration), you will get a link for each of your images. If you click on that link and are not logged into GoCanvas, it will show an error message that says, "You are not authorized to access this data."

For users who would like to know more about how GoCanvas handles data privacy and protection please reference our Privacy Policy.

Turning on Unsecured Access

This setting appears on a field-by-field basis in the Legacy Builder. Select the image field you're using and expand the More menu in the left panel. Then check the checkbox next to Unsecured Access.

LB_Photo_ Field Settings_Unsecured Access.png

This will not affect previous submissions you have already uploaded. If you need to retroactively grant unsecured access to your submissions, please contact the GoCanvas Support Team.

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