Features of Note in the Windows Desktop Client

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Popular features on mobile are also available in the Windows Desktop Client.


The Windows Desktop client will display forms and Folders on the Forms tab.Desktop_Forms Tab_Highlighted Folders.png


Departments allow admins to divide a GoCanvas account so that various teams within your organization cannot see each other's forms and submissions.

This functionality impacts when your user is a member of two departments and a form they are filling out is assigned to both departments. The user has to choose which department the submission should belong to.Desktop_Submission Page_Department.png

Table of Contents

Table of Contents allows users the flexibility to complete a form in a non-linear fashion. Users can go in whatever order they want by choosing screens within the form to fill out.Desktop_Form_Table of Contents.png


Loop Screens, or Tables, can be displayed as a grid or table. This allows the user to quickly see what they added to the list.Desktop_Submissions_Table_Grid.png

Dispatch to Tables
Dispatching to a Table is supported by the Windows Desktop Client as well.
History (Edit & View Submissions)

Allowing your users to pull submissions back down to their laptop/desktop and edit them is a powerful feature. By granting mobile users Edit & View permissions, users can create a new submission using the data from that prior submission and they can also view the PDF document that was created on the desktop client as well. This is great for daily or weekly reports that don't change much from one to the other.

Desktop_History_Edit & View.png

View PDF & Sync after Tapping Submit
View PDF
After syncing the user can view the PDF document that GoCanvas creates. Whether you are using our Standard PDF, one that you created with our PDF Designer, or one we custom built for you, it is now visible right away. This is a great way to show customers a form and walk through it together.
Sync After Tapping
This is a control we have on iOS and Android, but it just allows the user to toggle this control on from the sync screen. Instead of being prompted if you want to upload after hitting "Submit" it will sync automatically.

Desktop_Submission Page_Sync and Sho PDF.png

Draw on an Image
This might be tricky if you're using a mouse or track pad, but users can draw on Photo Fields and Reference Images in Drawing fields.
Web Link & GPS Fields
Web Link
Link your laptop/desktop users to other resources via our Web Link field. Perhaps there are other images, spec documents, pricing tables, etc. that your laptop/desktop users need to access. All of that is one click away.
Users can capture the GPS location on the desktop client just like you are used to doing for users on iOS or Android devices. If you do not have a GPS chip in your laptop/desktop it will use your IP address.
Blank Default Date & Time Fields
Do your users need to enter installation dates or birthdays? I'm sure they were tired of these fields auto populating with the current date and time. Blank default for Date and Time fields works on the desktop client as well.

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