Can I brand my PDF using colors from my Logo?

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The PDF Designer allows you to enter a hexadecimal code to set as a field background color or text color. 

Determining the Hexadecimal Code

A hexadecimal code is a six digit code that represents a color. For example, white is represented by the hexadecimal code #ffffff or GoCanvas blue which is #039de7.

To find out the hexadecimal code for colors in an image, such as your logo, there are free Eye Dropper plugins for web browsers that will tell you the exact hexadecimal code. Eye Dropper is a simple but effective plugin for Chrome. Codes can be copied by simply selecting them from the modal, making it very easy to immediately plugin that code in the PDF Designer.

PDF Designer_Hexadecimal Code_Eye Dropper.png

Using a Hexadecimal Code in the PDF Designer

Once you have the code of the color you want, open up the PDF Designer.

  1. Select the section in your design where you would like to change the background or text color. This should automatically open the Field Settings in the left panel.
  2. Delete the default hexadecimal code from the Background Color or Text Color boxes, and enter the code that you converted including the # symbol.PDF Designer_Background Color_Hexadecimal Code.png

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