What happens to my PDF design if I change my Form?

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Note: This article refers to the GoCanvas PDF Designer. If you are looking to customize the Standard PDF, please visit here.

When a form is edited in a GoCanvas Form Builder, it is recommended to immediately launch the PDF Designer in order to have the changes to the form reflected in the output.

When first creating a form, we highly recommend completing most of the form before starting the PDF Design as you may create more work for yourself if changes are still being regularly made. Visit the Help Center section on the PDF Designer to learn more about customizing your PDF.

You can launch the PDF Designer by launching your form from the Forms page and toggling to the PDF Designer or selecting the Edit PDF icon associated with the form on the Forms page.

What will automatically update? 

If a field name or field property is changed, that item will be automatically updated in the PDF Designer IF the field has already been added to your output.

What needs to be manually updated? 

If a field is deleted on the form that was included in the PDF design, the PDF output may need to be adjusted. The field will be removed from the PDF Designer, leaving a blank space where it was located.

When fields are added to the form, they will appear in the PDF Designer’s Form Outline, but they will not automatically be added to the design of the PDF. In order to add new fields to the PDF, the new fields must be dragged into the design from the Form Outline.

If a Loop Screen or Table is edited in any way, the entire table needs to be deleted from the design and dragged back in to fix any added field, broken values, or deleted fields.

Note: If the form status is currently Pending, making changes in the PDF Designer will only apply to the pending version of the form.

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