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  • Howdy Bret,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback! Typically, we would suggest using the Departments feature to share Apps across different groups within your organization. However, I understand from your Account Manager that this may not be a viable option for you.

    We limit the ability to copy Apps between accounts to our Internal teams as a safeguard to ensure company Apps, information, and data are protected. 

    If your Apps do not contain proprietary information, a potential workaround would be uploading them as free templates to our Application Store. The best way to do this is from your Account Homepage on our website. Navigate to your Apps page, click the name of the App you want to create a template of, and in the Actions area, click Create Template.

    Once you have created a template of your App, you can navigate to the Templates page, and choose Share from the quick actions on the right side of the Template Name:

    Once you have clicked Share, a confirmation message will pop up in the upper right corner, letting you know that the App Template is under review. Once it is accepted, it will be posted to the Application Store for other users to download:


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