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  • Hi Robert,

    I'm wondering if there might be a way to do this using a combination of workflow and zapier. It's a little hard to tell without digging into your App, but it would be something like what I've described here: Basically, instead of submitting each time, you'd do a hand off, and whatever work is done previous to that handoff would be emailed as a PDF. Then you'd go through the next part and again do a handoff with another PDF emailed at that point, and so on until you're actually done.

    Would that work do you think? 

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    Robert Chan

    As long as the same user keeps the submission, this sounds like it would work. I'm not familiar with zapier and we have not really used workflow because the same user usually does each submission/contract. 

  • Yeah, the key is that you can workflow to yourself. You probably want to set up each workflow to use a field within the app (instead of a list), and have the field workflow is using automatically populate the email address of the user who is logged in. That'll prevent the user from accidentally handing it off to someone else. Let me know if you get stuck and we'll try to figure it out together!

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    Robert Chan

    I started looking at this earlier and it occurs to me that I'm not sure this can work. GoCanvas is on tablets and they are used by different staff everyday. These employees don't have email addresses or are you simply referring to the email address used on the tablet so the user doesn't actually have to get an email?

  • Hmmm, I suppose if people are logging into a device (instead of an account associated with the specific person), things might get a little tricky. If they're going to be using a different account for each update, what I think you actually need is more like this feature request or this one. Please consider upvoting each of those so our Product Team knows how much you'd like this functionality!

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