Xfer of saved submissions across platforms


Does Canvas have the ability to start a app submission on my mobile device, stop, sync and complete on a different device without a handoff?



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    Good News, Everyone!

    We have just released a Save to Cloud feature, which allows users to save work on a Submission so it can be continued later on the same mobile device OR another mobile device. This function also allows submissions to persist through clearing data in GoCanvas and uninstalling GoCanvas from a mobile device.

    Take a look at the release notes for this feature (and several others!) here, and be sure to check out the Help Center topic for more details on how to Save to Cloud.

    Thank you all for your detailed feedback and use case examples on this feature. I know this has been a long time coming, and having the votes and comments here really helped get this one out the door!

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  • Not currently in the core product.  There might be some integration / customization available.  You might want to inquire with your GoCanvas account / sales contact.

  • As Nathan said, not at this point. I will say it's a highly requested feature. I'm going to move this to the feature request since it's somehow not there already. This is something that the Support team, myself included, is pushing for because of how often it comes up. 

  • Yes! Highly requested feature!

  • I would love to see this feature ASAP.

  • Need this for round the clock shift turnovers/hand-offs. Also for more complex / non-linear work.

  • Is there a timeline when we might see this?


  • Hi Dave (and others following along), 

    I can't give you a timeline on this one, but I can tell you it's currently being explored. No promises, but I will update here when more work has been done and we know more. 

  • Fantastic! That is great news!


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