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There is currently no search tool to assist in looking for a particular submission in the History area of the GoCanvas Mobile apps (at least not on Windows and Android).  Sometimes users have a very large number of submissions in their history list and they need to find one in particular to review, etc.  It is cumbersome for them to do that without a search tool.  Would it be possible to add one?



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    Hey all! Super excited to announce that this functionality has just been released. Take a look at the release notes here and the how-to article

    Thank you all for your input on this. I know this has been a long time coming, and having the votes and comments here really helped get this one out the door. 

  • Hi Nathan! Would you typically be searching for a specific value entered into a submission? Would your users searching something configured like submission number or name?

  • Hi Ellen!  Our users would just like to search on the text that populates the visible rows in the table on the History tab of GoCanvas Mobile.

    In our case, we have that field configured so that it is made up of our <ticket number>,"-",<ticket date>,"-"<customer name> - But all of that lands in the the Dispatch Description field because of how we have our apps configured.

    I hope that makes sense.

  • No answer to this? We have the very same problem, we feel like digging into a big file cabinet every time we need to review a submission over the mobile app.

  • I've been asked by my users multiple times if there could be a search option in the mobile app. Most of my users have over 500 submissions, and when they have to look back at the history of what they did to a specific unit/equipment, it's painful scrolling through. It would be really helpful to have the same search functionality as the browser does on the mobile app. 

  • Yes!   We would also REALLY like to have this feature added.   A search bar on the history page of the app would make a significant difference for us.   

    We spend a LOT of time, scrolling back through the history looking for submissions.   Since the search bar exists on other pages, I'm hoping that it can be added to the history page.  

  • I am working on a project and the idea of having a search tool for massive amounts of submissions is really needed, I would recommend to have like and advance search so you can search depending on different fields. Please help us in this one.


  • Any movement on this?  This continues to cost our users quite a bit of time on a daily basis.

  • Desperately need this feature to update submissions. Not sure why at all there is no keyword search capability in the mobile app. Very much needed!!

  • Hi all,

    Thank you very much for your detailed explanations on how this feature would benefit your experience using GoCanvas. We hear you, and this is definitely on our radar! We don't have a timeline to share as of right now, but we appreciate you sharing awesome feedback like this with us. Stay tuned.

    All the best,

  • Our users would also like to see this feature.  They are currently copying themselves on the email submissions so that they can search through their mail for reports.  This takes up valuable resources on our mail server for documents that are already stored someplace else. 

  • A search feature would be a game changer for me. It is very time consuming having to scroll through so many reports trying to locate the right one, viewing it to check last comments and then having to scroll through the list again to find it so I can update/edit it.

  • Ditto for us. The search feature (to sift through both queries/reference data and responses) would be an absolute game-changer!

    Please consider implementing this feature as soon as possible. 

  • Is there any movement on an actual search function in history? Staff spends easily 30-40 min a day collectively using filters to try to pinpoint orders. Would save a ton of labor hours.

  • Is somebody in GoCanvas taking care of this issue???, any update?

  • Howdy Alex, Dan, Paul, Santiago, and the Classic Bakery Team,

    Thank you each for taking the time to comment and upvote on this feature request! Items from the Community and other feedback get reviewed on a regular basis. Making a comment and upvoting on feature requests ensures these items are recognized, so we appreciate the effort!

    We understand that a search function for History on the GoCanvas Mobile Client is highly requested, and we recognize the challenges that this feature would solve. I can assure you this feature is being actively considered by our Development teams (we're actually coming up on our roadmap planning in a few weeks).

  • Hopefully this can happen at some point... our users continue to spend a large amount of time scrolling and scrolling...

  • Hi Chip,


    Any progress with this feature? Like everyone else that has mentioned this issue, this is one of the biggest frustrations with this app. 

    The only way to get around this is if I search from the desktop app then update the submission for it to pop up on the mobile version. 

    Please let us know when we can expect this to happen? 

  • david lim

    When you say "desktop app" do you mean the web UI?

  • Hi Nathan, 

    Yes. I meant the web UI. 

  • I’m definitely in the “frustrated” category here too. It’s almost obvious to be able to keyword search to bring up a previous form much like what’s offered on the web interface. Been asking for this for almost 2 straight years.

  • Hello Gocanvas!

    are you Listening to us???

    We want to improve your app so we can recommend it to other businesses but as of has a major FLAW. 

    Could you please provide us a timeline for mobile / tablet SEARCH feature????

    As you can see from everyone that uses this app. The ability to search through 100's if not 1,000's of submissions is a crucial part of doing business especially from portable devices. This app is great for what its worth but not having the search ability on our mobile / tablet devices is making it extremely difficult to look up our clients information. My business as I'm sure many other businesses keep data and records so we can recall it at a moments notice. Without this feature we might as well go back to filing things in a metal cabinet. 


    Please do something about this ASAP. 


    Thank you!

  • Here's the inside scoop on this one. I actually saw some (very very very) early designs for this just last week - something that was blocking this apparently got unblocked recently. Here's the issue: the way Submissions are stored requires the mobile app to search the website in order to provide these types of results. The team that works on the website is completely focused on upgrading our billing platform (anyone who has ever had to deal with billing should be excited about that - one renewal date for all users!). So even if the mobile team built their part tomorrow, it wouldn't actually do anything until the web team caught up (similar to what happened with multi-photo). 

     All of that said, the Product Manager for the mobile team told me that this is high on his priority list. That, along with the fact that we've started to invest design time into it, leave me hopeful about this one. 

  • Hi Sara,

    Thanks for the scoop and I hope it goes through soon. I'm sure this is a priority but what would be even better is if we can get some kind of date to look forward to. Also going back to what you said about the mobile app searching the website...? Could you clarify that a little more? 

    I'm not sure how this works but is all the Submission data stored on my end or GoCanvas end? 


  • Yeah, so my sort of non-engineering understanding is that we have to basically call the website to retrieve those results because the submission data itself is stored on GoCanvas. Submissions are stored locally until they're fully complete, at which point that all goes to the cloud. So instead of just searching your local device, it has to search the web. That's why, when you initially click on your history/completed tab, you have to click to load previous submissions. 

    As soon as I know where on the roadmap this is going, as well as how we're feeling about the timing of things that are ahead of it, I'll try to get an update. 

  • Thanks for the update.  This is the most significant update that you could make for us.    

    I see that someone else posted that they required the ability to search for the actual content of previous submissions (ie: Customer Name Field).   For us, the most critical is to be able to search for the "Submission #" field.


    Thank you

  • Hello!


    Any Update on this?

  • Hi GoCanvas Team,

    Could you please let us all know where we are with this function? We're still having to search through hundreds of submissions from the mobile version. When do you think this will be done by? Please give us some solutions to this issue.

  • Howdy All,

    We are very excited to share the news from our Product Managers that a Search function for Submission History on Mobile is on the roadmap!

    We don't have an estimated timeframe for release, but our Product Team understands the need for this functionality and they are working hard to get this implemented. Once we have concrete release details, we will be sure to respond within this Community post, so please stay tuned! 


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