Enable Mobile Editing on Submissions for previous app versions.


As is, I have our HVAC techs submit a blank app submission at the start of the job with just the customer name to auto generate a unique submission/PO# they can use to buy materials for that job. Then the tech simply edits the submission on their mobile device as they progress the job and resubmit changes. This works fine, except when I make changes or add to the app. If I modify the app at all, I have to wait till all service tickets are completed before I can publish the new version. As of now I have waited 3 weeks, and still cannot publish my new app version due to incomplete tickets. If I don't make sure all tickets in progress are completed before publishing, the techs have to start over any jobs in progress, reassign materials PO#s, and cannot modify a submission from a former version of the app. If there was an allowance for the mobile devices to edit a previous version/submission of the individual app, even just one generation, I could make changes on the fly as needed, without impacting the techs productivity.



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    Good News, Everyone- you can now edit Submissions for previous App versions on your mobile device!

    Click here for the release notes with further details on this functionality. Thank you all for sharing detailed feedback and use case examples!

  • I 2nd this one although in the past I got you guys to open up past apps so I could edit them.

  • This should have been thought of as a standard feature. constantly having issues with this topic. Please consider

  • Agreed, we make changes to our app on a regular basis and this prevents us form being able to go pack to previous submissions and edit as needed.   

  • Yes please this is a huge issue for me as I use the app to collect client info and I constantly need to update their details and therefore I am unable to update the app ever even the smallest change because I will be unable to edit submissions on my iPad which is where I capture all the data not on the computer. I would happily pay for this app if this one feature was updated

  • Agreed.  When an app changes version numbers, it forces people to have to redo work that was already done if an edit has to be made...

    It seems like there could be (at least) 2 approaches to this.


    Option 1:

    Allow re-dispatching the data from a submission in an older version to the latest version of an app....

    ...maybe the process could run a pre-flight check.  If it found any discrepancies, you could present a data mapping screen where we could choose which field(s) in the old app to map to which field(s) in the new app (probably for this dispatch only) (i.e. if a field was renamed or deleted between versions)... If one or more fields were added in the new version of the app and didn't exist in the previous version of the app, those fields could just be left blank in the dispatch to the new version.


    Option 2

    Allow assigning old version(s) of app(s) to user(s), then the normal mobile edit functionality could be used for this.


    It would even be good to have both options.

  • Yes, Please make all version of app submissions editable, when you are using your existing submitted apps as a template for future use it makes it impossible to update the app with modifications and still use the existing submissions   

  • Please work on this! So annoying to go in and not be able to edit old tickets on mobile!   


  • Howdy All,

    Thank you for sharing specific use case examples and taking the time to upvote this Feature Request! I have provided this feedback to our Product Managers, emphasizing the number of upvotes and the hurdles that this functionality would solve.

    We do not have an estimated timeline on mobile editing for submissions from previous app versions. But this is functionality is being discussed by our Product Team for future releases. We appreciate your continued comments and upvoting! As with all highly desired Feature Requests, we will share major updates on this post.


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