What is Display Field in the Builder?

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When the key field has to be a barcode, or a repetitive descriptor, the designer can choose an alternative field in the Table to display as the key field on the mobile form.

Display Field

Usually, a best practice when building a Table is to choose a unique characteristic for the key field. For example, in a parts and materials table, the item name is easier to read and remember than the item number. However, when using barcodes there will always be a random string of numbers that is not descriptive to the user or those viewing the PDF. Display Field is a solution to this very situation.

If a user is scanning the barcodes for multiple items, instead of seeing a list full of barcodes on the device, the name of the item can be pulled instead.

Example 1 Example 2

 So, instead of seeing:

  • 0987654321
  • 2341569034
  • 5678904321

 I would see:

  • Large Water
  • Small Water
  • Medium Water

Assign a Display Field

  1. Open an existing form to edit or create a new form in the Builder.
  2. Find an existing Table or create a new table.
  3. Select the settings gears to open the Screen Settings modal. BETA_Screen Settings_Display Field.png
  4. Select the Display Field drop down and choose the alternate field that you wish to display. 
  5. Save and Publish.


As with key fields, the field types allowable as display fields include Barcode, Date, Drop Down, Number, Short Text, and Time.

iOS_Loop Screen_Display Field GIF.gif

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