1 May '24 Platform Release Notes: GoCanvas 16.3

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GoCanvas announces the release of Platform 16.3 on the 1st of May 2024. 

Release Notes

GoCanvas is excited to announce a few big releases coming soon. Stay tuned for more information in the next month. Follow the Release Notes Topic in the Community or follow the Device, Platform, and Product and Feature Releases sections in the Help Center.

Other items in this release:

  1. Builder BETA will receive consistent updates to bring it to parity with our legacy builder, The Advanced Form Builder, and bring it out of beta at a later date.
    • Add Reference Images to Drawing Fields to annotate blueprints, schematics, etc.
    • Allow Duplicate Entries screens setting is now available on Tables. This also opens up the opportunity to have dependent reference data in a Table.
    • Set the Display Field on Tables so that the first column displays an alternative field value on mobile than a barcode or item number, for example.
    • Table screens now support Labels Above, Grid, and Grid (pre-populated) on Tables with single choice key fields.
    • Regular screens now support both Labels Above and Labels Left styles. This has been released to Web Forms as well.
  2. We're continually improving the reseller experience for our partners.
    • White Labeled partners can now set their own Help Link URL so that they can direct their customers to a branded Help Center.
    • If a White Labeled partner uses Pendo, they can enter in their Pendo ID to track how their customers are interacting with the product.
  3. GC16 launch earlier this month was just the beginning. We’re committed to making this product the best Jobsite Management platform for specialized trades.
    • Uploading your Customer List via CSV is now available.
    • We’ve added Project, Customer, and Site columns to the Dispatch List and Submitted pages to make it super easy to see what a submission belongs to.
  4. A couple bug fixes to note that were impacting our internal teams and customers:
    • GPS images should now display correctly on the standard PDF.
    • We’re rolling out improvements for customers that have experienced slower load times around Submission pages.

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