17 April '24 Platform Release Notes: GoCanvas 16.2

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GoCanvas announces the release of Platform 16.2 on the 17th of April 2024. 

Release Notes

GoCanvas is excited to announce a few big releases coming soon. Stay tuned for more information in the next month. Follow the Release Notes Topic in the Community or follow the Device, Platform, and Product and Feature Releases sections in the Help Center.

Other items in this release:

  1. Accounts with Web Forms are now able to set a redirect link when a web form is submitted.
    • For example, you can add a redirect link to send vendors to "next steps" after they complete a registration form.
  2. Our partners are now able to fully disable one of their customer accounts if their customer cancels. Previously, users had to be disabled individually.
  3. Updates to our Project Management Platform:
    • Customer Overview: view all of your work for a customer across any Project or service.
      • This is a historical record of all work ever completed for a single customer, regardless of how it is separated by Project.
    • CSV Bulk Dispatch Uploading now supports assigning dispatches Customer, Projects, and Sites.
    • Customer, Project, and Site Code is now available as an option when mapping reference data.
      • This clarifies the mapping process for admins and makes it less likely users will run into duplicates on mobile.
    • Accidentally assign the wrong Project or Customer to a completed submission? No worries, this can be edited now!

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