What is Export Label used for in the Builder?

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Export Label is a handy tool that allows you to set a value for the label of a field that only appears when you're exporting the data.

Export Label

Export Label is accessible on the More tab in the Field Settings modal. There are four common uses for Export Label.

  1. The most common use of this feature is to make things shorter. Your field label might be "What color is the widget on the X Drive,” which you wouldn't want as a column header in Excel. So, if you're going to be manually exporting your Submission data on a regular basis, you might shorten it to "Widget Color.”
  2. It's also frequently used when using GoCanvas alongside other systems. Using Export Label allows you to match the GoCanvas field names with the field names in the other system so you don't have to manually edit those column headers each time you export from GoCanvas.
  3. If you're using our Webservices API to pull data out of our system, it's considered a best practice to use Export Labels. That way, if someone edits the field label in the Form Builder, it will not break the integration.
  4. If we've built you a Custom PDF, we will utilize Export Label because, like with the API, it will allow you to edit field labels without breaking the custom work (that said, if those changes need to be displayed on the PDF, they will not automatically update on the Custom PDF).

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