How to Allow Drawing on a Photo Field in the Builder BETA

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Photo fields have a setting to allow mobile users to draw on photos that are added to a submission.

Enabling Drawing on an Image

To enable this setting on a Photo Field:

  1. Edit an existing form or start a new form in the Builder BETA.
  2. Add a new photo field or find the existing photo field.
  3. Select the Settings gear for the field to launch the Settings modal.
  4. Select the toggle for Allow drawing on photo(s).Allow_drawing_on_photo_BB.png
  5. Make sure to Save and Publish when you are finished.

Launch your form in the GoCanvas application to start using this feature. Once photos have been added to the field, simply select the field again if it is a single photo and press the Pencil icon to launch drawing tools. If it is a multi photo field, select the image you wish to draw on after the photos have been selected and then you will be able to launch the drawing tools with the pencil icon. Press the back arrow to return to select the next image or click Done to exist the photo selection screen.

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