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When you're logged in, the username is not clearly displayed anywhere.  If I'm troubleshooting with a field tech and need to know which user they are signed into, they always have trouble remembering and have to sign out to see what they were signed in as.



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  • Hi PDC PE's

    Thanks for posting this to the Community! I think this suggestion is a simple improvement that could help a lot, especially if users are in the field with spotty connectivity and logging out could potentially keep them from logging back in. I will pass this along to the appropriate team but in the meantime, I recommend using the "Completed" tab to quickly identity the account that is logged in. By using Place Value In, you can insert the tech's name somewhere in the form, if it's not already there, and Place Value In that field for the Submission Name. As shown in the screenshot below, the user's name is in the submission name on the Completed tab and is quickly identifiable. 


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