Reference Data for Field Names

A game changer would the ability to use reference data as the field name. If I could create a list of my field names in reference data and then assign whatever attribute, e.g. date, dropdown, signature, etc.

I could create big apps in no time, no spelling errors, copying and pasting the names and using the series fill option in Excel, mind blowing. 



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  • Cool idea.

  • Hey Bret,

    Yes, this is a very interesting idea. However, I'm not sure how it aligns with the development goals of GoCanvas. Our hope for the App Builder is that it is an elegant solution that does not require outside software knowledge to pick up quickly. It sounds like you are a whiz with Excel, which is awesome and certainly helps with reporting, reference data, and bulk dispatch, but not all our users are. I do appreciate that you came to the Community with this idea and I hope that you find another idea to support, or upvote, so that your voice is heard in our quest to make this product the best it can be for our users!

  • Hi Lauren, I understand what you are saying about software knowledge. I don't understand what the difference is if you are creating reference data for pre-populating data entry and using reference data to name fields. Seems like it would simply be the builder picking a field name from a list.

    But I will defer to your thoughts. 


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