Multiple choice view on mobile

On a mobile phone, I would like to be able to see the full multiple choice box, possibly stack them vertically rather than horizontally to accomplish this. The text for this box is already limited.



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  • Upvote for this request, and it would be nice if these field types were supported in the Desktop Client as well:


    Our current workaround for longer multiple choice fields to vertically stack is to convert to Multi Choice types with either radio or checkboxes as needed.

  • Howdy Nina,

    Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback and screenshot example! 

    I would definitely second the workaround involving Multi Choice fields that Matt has shared. Options in the Multi Choice field type are displayed vertically (both radio and checkboxes), which could be a potential solution for your use case.

    I have also shared your feedback on Multiple Choice Buttons fields with our Product team for their consideration.

    Matt- thank you for sharing the workaround suggestion! To your other comment, we are working with the Product team on getting answers to questions about the Desktop Client. Please stay tuned to the Feature Request post you linked to for future updates.


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