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We migrated our app to use the new field types available in the app builder (single choice boxes and multiple choice buttons).  These work well on mobile devices, but don't appear to be fully supported on the Windows Desktop client.


Single Choice Boxes: These display as a drop down menu, and default value settings for the field are ignored.

Multiple Choice Buttons: These also display as a drop down menu, and user is unable to select multiple values that are needed.  So it's essentially a Single Choice drop down menu.


We like the field types for mobile devices, but have had to revert to Multi Choice radio or checkboxes to allow desktop client users to use the apps.  Is this a known limitation with the desktop client, and do you have an ETA on full support for all field types?







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  • Official comment

    Howdy Matt,

    Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback! As many are aware, recent feature releases have not included Windows client support. We wanted to take a moment to recognize frustrations this has caused and provide as much clarity as we can on a future direction.  

    Our long term goal is to sunset the Windows client and provide our customers with a web client that will work on Windows and Mac browsers. We believe this will provide a more universal solution for our customers and allow us to expand and improve features across all platforms. 

    With the impact of COVID-19, we don't have a timeline in mind for a new web client. That said, we do believe that adding new features to the Windows client will delay our ability to reach the best outcome for our customers.  

    As such, while we will continue to support and maintain the current Windows client, we do not plan to add new features to the Windows client in 2020.

    If anything changes, we will provide updates as comments on this post (and on other relevant Feature Request posts).

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  • We are experiencing the same issue. When will the web client be available? It's very frustrating that the windows client is not being supported before there is an alternative web client available. 

  • Got sent here for the official statement, but the official statement is there is no timeline to provide the new solution, and by the way there will be no support for new features in the existing solution...

  • Hey Joseph,

    Thank you for stopping here to read the official statement and for your valuable feedback. I understand and feel your frustration with a lack of timeline. Although I don't have a timeline for you, our yearly roadmap meeting is coming up next month and any relevant updates regarding this request will be shared when we are able to.

  • Every day we don't have a solution is another day I have to look for an alternative to GoCanvas

  • Any updates?  

  • Hey ya'll!

    I am very pleased to inform you that our product team has been working to bring the Windows Desktop Client to near parity with the functions that are available on mobile and tablet applications. Those updates will be rolling out over the coming months. When updates are announced, I will be sure to add them as comments to this post (or any other relevant Feature Request post).

  • Happy Tuesday everyone!

    I've coming bearing good news regarding the desktop client and feature parity.  We have released version 9.25.0 of the desktop client, which includes multi-photo. You can download the new version at and please stay tuned for more updates as we work toward feature parity.

  • Hello everyone!

    The latest version of the Windows desktop client has been released. This version, 9.26.0, now supports the following field types: Rating, Increment, Slider, Single Choice Buttons, Multiple Choice Buttons.

    You can visit to download this version.


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