how do i delete old apps from mobile device




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    AIMS System Administrator

    It depends on your operating system. Android & iOS are different. At least they used to be.

    As long as they weren't dispatched, you can press and hold on them, or swipe right or left and then choose delete.

    If they were dispatched, you have to go into the online UI Workflow and Dispatch Manager and delete them first.

    I've had problems were there's nothing you can do.. they get stuck like ghosts in the machine. You have to clear data and delete and reinstall the app. Years ago, not sure about now, if you logged out and back in as a different user on the same device it was a given that you were going to have to delete and re-install the app.

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    Chip Phillips, Community Manager

    Howdy Darla (and thanks Keith!)

    Typically if you see previous versions of Apps on your mobile device, that means there are pending/saved submissions for those versions of the App. Depending on the version of GoCanvas on your device, you can follow Keith's directions above, or please refer to this Help Center topic on how to delete a saved submission from your mobile device.

    If the previous versions of Apps remain after deleting the saved submissions or dispatched tasks from your mobile device, you can clear data in GoCanvas on your device. Please note that this will delete ALL saved/unfinished submissions from your device, including those for the latest versions of your Apps, so you will want to finish any necessary saved submissions before clearing data.

    If none of the above steps successfully remove the previous versions of Apps from your mobile device, I would advise submitting a ticket to our Support team so they can directly troubleshoot this matter.

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