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  • Howdy Bret,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback! There may be some existing workarounds, depending on your specific use case. Could you please provide more details on what you are trying to do with your data before completing a submission?

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    Bret Graham

    We have an app that we use to notify many individuals within our company on equipment status. Most of whom don't have access to Go Canvas (therefore Workflows are out).

    This status report gives estimated downtime, estimated impact and estimated return to service date and time. As it is now, after the initial notification goes out, the only way to update the group is with another submission. If we had a "Send" button for example we could with the new assignments feature send the original status report, un-assign the submission and then when an update is called for claim the submission, make an update and unassign again or fully submit the report closing out that report.  


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