Creating CustomeEmail Content For Each App


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  • Howdy Lori,

    Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback! There are three options to include custom content in the body of an email when a submission is sent:

    1) Account Level Submission Email Content- Found under Account>Account Settings>Submission Email Content. This will add text to the email body for submissions on every app.

    2) Field Input Email Content- This is a setting within certain field types that can be found in the Advanced App Builder that will add field input to the email body for submissions for the specific app. Click here for a Help Center topic with more details on this setting.

    3) App Level Custom Email Content- Found on the Email Options page for each app under App Settings. This feature allows you to include custom text that is sent out with submissions for the specific app.

    Please note that Options 1 and 2 can work together, but Option 3 will replace the email body content with the text on the Email Options page. Here is a screenshot with two emails as an example:

    In the above example, the first email has only Options 1 and 2 enabled, while the second email has all three options enabled, meaning the App Level Custom Email Content has replaced the text from the Account Level and Field Input settings.

    Would Option 2 or Option 3 suit your use case for email content that is custom for each app?

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