Release Notes: 'Contains' Conditions and Blank Drop Down improvements


Howdy Everyone! We have just released the latest update to the App Builder, which includes some highly requested upgrades to Conditions and Drop Down fields.

As with previous updates, this version is being released as a phased rollout for Android and iOS, to provide a smooth transition for GoCanvas users. Android and iOS users should see this update hit the App Store and the Google Play Store soon! Android users can also download the latest version directly from 

Please note that these features are not currently supported in the Desktop client.

Improvements to Conditions

We have heard the feedback from the Community that our current options for Conditions are too limiting. Our Development teams have been actively working to expand the available Conditions in the App Builder, and we are excited to share the latest options with you!

You can now configure Conditions for: "Contains", "Starts With", "Ends With", "Does Not Contain", "Does Not Start With", and "Does Not End With."

With these new options, you can set Conditions for fields based on alphanumeric input, as well as the existing integer values. This opens up new potential App designs and flows for Admins, as well as expanded functionality for Users.

Blank Drop Down Fields

It's common for people to want to have their Drop Down fields default to blank on their mobile device. Previously, there was a workaround to default to a blank value that was unintuitive and it did not play well with Reference Data. 

Now, setting a blank value as the default for Drop Down fields is straightforward for Admins and Users. 

From the App Builder, you now have the option to set the Default Value as blank or as the first choice from a list, along with any of the existing choices from a list:

On mobile, the 'Blank' default value will now appear as an option in the Drop Down list as 'Select a Choice'. Choosing this option in a Drop Down list will return the blank value to the field:



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  • Official comment

    Updating here to say that the opposites (does not contain, etc.) are now available. 

  • Hi. thanks for adding the "contains" and "Does Not Contain", this is a long awaited feature. 

    however when selected in use it for a conditional filed on a multiple choice field it doesn't work. see sample attached  



    (Edited )
  • Another option still missing in the condition feature is "Equal & Not Equal to another field. we're using a lot of apps with reference data, and use conditinal fields to alert incorrect information in fields, as of now without the equal/not equal option we have to use a work around (with values), which adds tons of extra work, and it doesn't even work in all cases. I believe that that option will put the cherry on top of the pie and make the condition feature a complete and very useful tool for everyone.

    see here a sample    

  • Howdy CJ,

    Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback and screenshots! 

    We don't have an estimated timeline for the ability to directly compare the values of one field to another, but I have shared your use case example with our Product Managers. I have also resurfaced this similar Feature Request to our Product Team, which I would advise that you upvote as well:

    Concerning your comment about 'Contains' functionality on Multiple Choice Button fields, could you please provide more details on the example from your screenshots and the hurdle you have encountered? With further details, other Community users may be able to provide some input on this matter.

    Alternatively, you can submit a Help Ticket to our Support Team if you need direct troubleshooting on a specific issue with your app.


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