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    Chip Phillips, Community Manager

    Howdy Trey,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback! I can see how splitting Workflow and Dispatch menus onto two screens within the website would improve navigation and search functionality.

    Here are some similar Feature Requests from other users to upvote:

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    Engineering Department

    It appears the code for the general Search on the Workflow & Dispatch screen is broken/poorly written.

    We have records that occasional are not completed the first day and end up with a status per the workflow of other than Assigned, Received or Completed. These items more often get lost/overlooked and we are loosing revenue due to having to physically go searching for them.  The records are not in Submissions but still in Workflow yet do not return on a simple field search such as 'Job Number'.  

    Other records return on an identical search.  If it is still in Workflow it should behave the same as all other records. Otherwise the code is broken/poorly written. The more we use GoCanvas the worse this gets.  I can not recommend the platform in it's current state as this issue has cost us money and I've reported it before without any serious support effort.

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