Release Notes: New Android and iOS features, including a new Tasks management screen, improved mobile navigation, and more


Howdy everyone! We have just released a new version of the GoCanvas mobile app. This release includes improvements to navigating the menus outside of a submission and introduces a new screen to manage your current tasks.

As with previous updates, this version is being released as a phased rollout, to provide a smooth transition for GoCanvas users. Android and iOS users should see this update hit the App Store and the Google Play Store soon! Android users can also download the latest version directly from 

Thank you, as always, for your feedback on how we can make your experience using GoCanvas more powerful.

Introducing the Tasks screen

There’s a new screen on the block! On the Tasks screen, you can see all of your dispatches and workflows in one place. No more digging into each app to see what's available.

The Tasks banner on the top of your Apps list tells you how many workflows and dispatches you've been assigned and how many of them are scheduled for today. Clicking this banner will open the full Tasks screen.

We have also changed how the pending tasks for each App appear on your device. Instead of separate icons for workflows, dispatches, and saved submissions, we have just one counter next to an App with In-Progress work, and it tells you exactly how many items are in progress for that app.

Remember the 7 day dispatch feature? These also appear on Tasks and allow users to see a preview of their work for the next 7 days. If you want to turn this on for your accounts, please contact your Account Executive or reach out to our Support Team

Other navigation updates

The Sync option has been improved for more access on multiple screens. The Sync button will now always appear on the top of the Apps screen and Tasks screen. You can also hold and pull down on the screen to sync your device.

Settings have moved under the new More button at the bottom of the screen.  We've also reorganized how the different options appear on the Settings screen, for ease of use and a smoother experience.



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  • Official comment

    Hey all, 

    Version numbers are back! Look for Android version 11.1.4 and iOS version 11.1.3 (these are phased roll outs, so it might take some time for everyone to get them). 

    Thanks for the feedback on this one. 

  • Hi, On the whole I really like the new look, it feels like a big step forward. I particularly like how the dispatches and saved forms, etc. are split into clearly titled lists rather than just having the icon on the side of the part-completed form.  That makes it a lot easier for on site users to differentiate what the office has sent to the users and what they've created themselves.

    One element that I feel really lets it down however is the fact that if you are in the main app menu and you select an app which has a saved for or a dispatch then a popup appears which asks whether or not you want to start a new form or continue an existing form.  Whilst asking this question is a good idea, it only appears as a tiny list at the bottom of the screen with the 2 options really close together.  Unfortunately this means our employees will be constantly tapping the wrong option and having to discard the new form they've created by mistake!  If it could be something like a popup message with 2 totally separate buttons that would be much more user friendly.  The picture below shows what I'm referencing.

  • Howdy Edward,

    Thank you for the kind words and for your detailed feedback! Providing a screenshot with your comment is super helpful. I will share this with our Design team for their consideration for future releases.

  • In version, the GoCanvas for Android "Apps" screen no longer shows the app version unless there are more than one option available to complete a submission ( for instance a new submission and a dispatch or hand off).

    Here's a picture of how the "apps" look on the "apps" screen now (note the absence of the version number)


    When an app that has a saved item, open dispatch, or open hand-off is selected, you can see the version here:

    However, if there is no saved item, open dispatch, or open hand-off, it seems that one is not able to see the app version anymore.

    Can you please add the app version display back in, or provide instructions on how to view that information if it is available now?


  • Howdy Nathan,

    Thank you for this detailed feedback and screenshots! The reasoning behind removing the version number from the Apps screen was based on consistent feedback from multiple users. There was confusion from users who had multiple versions of the same App present on the Apps screen.

    The hope was consolidating all pending tasks and version number details would make it easier to recognize and navigate details for the same App. For example, if a user wants to delete a saved submission, it's not a guessing game on which version they need to click into on the Apps screen.

    I would love to get more insight into the reason for your feedback. Is there a specific use case where you would want to see the version number listed on the top level Apps screen? Any further details you could provide would be appreciated so I can take them to our Product Managers for consideration!

  • Hi Chip.

    I see what you're saying around why the decision was made to do that.

    I don't know that it needs to be on the top level Apps screen, but there should be some place to view the version number, even if there aren't multiple submission types available.  Maybe a 3 dot button >> about or push and hold >> view info or something?

    Before, when a version change happened, we were using the multiple instances of the apps so that the users knew which tickets to process out of their queues first so that they could migrate to the new version in order to pick up the changes in the new release.  We were also using the multiple versions so users knew not to expect newly added functionality to work on submissions that were still in the older versions,  if that makes sense.  It is also helpful for troubleshooting purposes sometimes to be able to see the version number somewhere.

    Also, since the GoCanvas for Windows app still has the multiple instances of the apps with the version numbers, the experience is inconsistent across the platforms now.  I'm guessing that a GC for Windows update is coming down the road at some point since it is still on version 9 and the mobile platforms seem to be on version 11 now?


  • Howdy Nathan,

    Thank you for the detailed examples! I can definitely see how being able to view the current Version Number would be helpful for user prioritization, as well as for troubleshooting purposes. This is great feedback and I have shared it with our Development team and Product Managers for their consideration.

  • Hello, 

    We are also running into a few glitches with the new update. The removal of version numbers is frustrating since we often have updates to the apps sent mid day that will change the functionality of the app for our crew and will lead to them having saved submissions in one version and a second app version being published. Having the version numbers displayed on the main screen allows them to immediately see that a new app has been sent to them and they can differentiate which app to finish before moving on. 

    Our iPhone users on iOS 12.4.2 are now finding that the whole GoCanvas app is running slow, freezing frequently, taking longer to load app history and even taking longer to show the new pop-up on the screen if they are opening a saved submission. 



  • Hey Doug,

    Thanks for the feedback about the version numbers. It's incredibly helpful for us to be able to provide the team with specifics, and we've passed that along to the Mobile Team. 

    For the issue with freezing and running slowly, I'd be happy to turn this into a ticket so that our Support Team can take a look if you'd like, just let me know. 

  • Hi Sara, 

    I have reached out to our CSM to have a follow up meeting with them this coming week to go over what we are experiencing with the update so we can follow up from there on any tickets that should be set up if need be. 


    Thanks for your help.


  • An update here, we'll be adding back the version numbers to the App screen. I don't have an ETA, but it's in progress and I'll keep y'all posted. Again, thanks for sharing the issues that the change caused - it was incredibly helpful to be able to provide such direct feedback to the team. 

  • The version numbers show up once again.  Thanks!


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