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    Hi Jodie,

    Welcome to the Community! There is a way to do this with your Dropbox integration. If you go back to your integration options page, click on the manage button under Dropbox: 

    That will pull up your integration settings overlay. On that overlay there's a field called "Folder based on value from Submission (optional)". If you click on that drop down, you can choose the field that will create the folder structure. In this case, look for your Candidate Name field: 

    Here's what it looks like in Dropbox when I've done Submissions with different names in that field: 

    I'm going to go ahead and move this post to the Extending GoCanvas topic, since it does already exist, but let me know if there's something else that's needed here to get your desired outcome.


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    Jodie Diz

    What we need is below.

    This image is of the name of the app.

    Then within that folder is the candidates.

    We would prefer it to say Lewis Kerby > firefighter 1 ... and then Lewis Kerby > firefighter 1 test 2 and > Lewis Kerby > firefighter 1 test 3

    We have an academy class with 45 people. They will be completing approximately 100 practical exams and we want to store the checkoff sheets showing they passed in a folder by person. Now I can  group  by app name and then person name, thus we will have to move all of the individual files into a student folder manually. 


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  • Gotcha, you need both levels. In that case, I'd recommend using a tool called Zapier, which gives you added control. If all of those exams are separate Apps, it'll be some work to set it up initially, but from there you should be able to get what you need without having to manually move things. 

    Basically what you'll do is set up a trigger (in this case, a GoCanvas Submission from each App): 

    Then your action step will be to put those Submissions into Dropbox. You'll need to use a custom value for your folders. Then you can do the Candidate Name field / App Name: 

    For the File, select the Canvas PDF (One thing to note here is that your Email Options have to be set to Link as opposed to Attachment in order for this to work.).

    Also, I sometimes have issues getting Zapier to recognize the file accurately. In those cases, setting the Email Options to Attachment, doing a Submission, and then switching back to Link and doing another Submission usually does the trick. 

    Here's what that setup looks like in Dropbox. Chip is the student's name, and the name of the App is Dropbox Folders: 

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