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Currently, we cannot use table of contents and workflow at the same time.  It would be amazing if we can since we have a big app with multiple screens that need workflow for management approval before submitting.  Navigating through the app with back and next buttons is inconvenient.  Ideally, the table of contents should only show the screens that happen before the workflow and the next person should be able to see everything (assuming there is only 1 workflow in the app). 



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    Good News, Everyone!

    We have just released a new mobile feature called Assignments, which allows users to start a submission, then assign it directly to another user to complete. Users can also make a submission-in-progress available for other users on their account to review or add information.

    Related specifically to your feedback, Assignments works with Table of Contents!

    So a user could start a submission, reassign it to their manager (or another employee) for approval, and the recipient can use the Table of Contents to navigate the submission-in-progress. If any changes need to be made, the recipient can reassign the submission back to the employee who started the task for revisions.

    Take a look at the release notes for this feature (and several others!) here, and be sure to check out the Help Center topic for more details on Assignments!

  • Hi Nam, 

    Thank you for your feedback! You've identified the reason we don't currently show Table of Contents with Workflow enabled, which is due to the fact that we don't show users the screens that they aren't allowed access to. I like your idea of having the option to show the preceding screens from the new Workflow start point.

    In case you haven't heard of this workaround yet, and utilizing Table of Contents is important to you, you can use Zapier to dispatch a GoCanvas App to another GoCanvas App -- meaning if you typically break down your Workflow into three sections, you can create three separate Apps and enable Table of Contents for all of them and allow them to Dispatch to one another sequentially. You can use those to port in the previous information for each user, and then use the final Submitter's version of it as the complete Submission. The only place this gets dicey is dispatching into a Loop from Zapier, which isn't possible. But basically, you can "fake" the Workflow using this method and still have your Table of Contents.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback! 

    All the best,

  • Hello,


    Unfortunately, the app I want that function has ton of loops in it.  Plus, I also need the ability to reject hand-off if error was made.  Therefore, I cannot use the Zappier workaround.

    (Edited )
  • We have the same issues with large apps and work flow.  It would really be awesome if there was some way to enable a table of contents on these apps.  I would even be willing to have all screens available to all users in the work flow if we could use the table of contents.  It would be a great time saver


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