Ability to Generate Multiple PDF Documents for One Submission



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    Siobhan Tabatabai, Community Manager

    Hi Dylan,

    Thanks for reaching out! Check out this post's comments from Nathan and Sara -- I think you'll find a solution to exactly what you're looking for. I'll copy Sara's suggestion here, as I think using the Standard PDF for internal use and the Designer PDF for customers makes sense for your situation:

    "...It's possible to have the two different versions created (and, in fact, if you're using the PDF Designer, the system will continue to create the Standard PDF as well). It's probably easier to leave the Standard PDF as the one that shows everything, and then remove fields you don't want listed from the Designer PDF. This will give you a bit of a sense of how to do that: https://help.gocanvas.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006592807-How-to-customize-and-edit-a-PDF-using-the-PDF-Designer, but deleting and adding fields looks like this: 

    All of that said, it is not currently possible to automatically EMAIL both versions; you'll always have to go to the Submissions page to find the version that is not automatically being emailed."

    I hope this helps! 

    All the best,

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    Dylan Aafedt

    Thanks - I did see that post, however I need to use Zapier with both PDFs and both need to be in the designer format, so we can move fields where we see fit.



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    Alex Blahnik

    I concur with what Dylan is saying, here.

    Additionally, what I feel would be a tremendous asset is the following:

    * Make multiple PDF options possible for each app.
    * Ensure that each PDF could be properly labeled, to avoid confusion and transmission of the incorrect PDF.
    * Finally, enable the email page to include a drop down to select the proper PDF to be emailed to the appropriate individual(s).

    If this happened, we could set up a reference table to auto email the exact information that each recipient would benefit, as well as shield too much information from the wrong “eyes.”


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