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I was advised that it is possible to have two PDF templates from one app.

One with the full set of information

One with a subset minus some specific fields.

Please advise if this is actually possible, and if so, how it can be accomplished.


Kind Regards

Rob Medlock



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  • It is possible.  The only way you can do it under normal circumstances would be to create a custom PDF and configure the subset of information on it.  Then you could choose between the Designer (which would have the subset of information) and Standard PDF (which would have all of the information) when you go to submissions:


    If that option won't work, you might need to contact your GoCanvas rep to discuss options because there is a custom PDF team that may be able to help.

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  • Hi Rob,

    As Nathan said, it's possible to have the two different versions created (and, in fact, if you're using the PDF Designer, the system will continue to create the Standard PDF as well). It's probably easier to leave the Standard PDF as the one that shows everything, and then remove fields you don't want listed from the Designer PDF. This will give you a bit of a sense of how to do that:, but deleting and adding fields looks like this: 

    All of that said, it is not currently possible to automatically EMAIL both versions; you'll always have to go to the Submissions page to find the version that is not automatically being emailed. 

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  • Hi, I was wondering if you added this functionality. I would like to be able to email the standard pdf to an internal party and the design pdf to the client. 



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