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For some of our apps, we could really need the ability to have the available options in a multi choice control be provided by reference data, the same way the available options in a drop down list can be. As an example, we have a service and maintenance related app where the user is expected to enter the class/type of object that requires service. This is a two-level hierarchy where the user would first select the class (e.g. air condition) and then type (remote control, condenser, fans, etc.). The list of specific object types is subject to change, and having to create a new app version every time is becoming infeasible as there are too many dispatches that would need to be redispatched onto the new version.



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  • As Nathan suggested, I think what you're looking for is Dependent Reference Data. Then you'd only have to update the Reference Data file, not the entire App (which does not create a new version). 

  • I am aware of how to set up dependent reference data, and we use this in a lot of our apps.


    However, I do not believe this will work, as it does not appear possible to specify a reference data source for the multiple choice field.  If it is possible, could you provide step by step instructions, along with screenshots?  Because I can't see any option for it in the app builder.

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  • Sara listed a way to show check boxes / multiple choice options populated by reference data in the comments of this post:


  • As Nathan suggested, you could use the checkboxes backdoor for this (I wasn't sure, so I double checked and it does work with Dependent Reference Data). 

    Here's what that looks like. 

    My Reference Data file: 

    First field is set up as normal, using the Class column. 

    The second field is a drop down using the Type column referencing the choice made in the Class field/column: 

    In the More area, I've entered CHECKBOXES in the Receipt Label field (which tells the dropdown to behave like a check box field): 

    One limitation here is that I think checkbox fields are limited to 15 choices. 

    Here's what that looks like on mobile: 

  • I can confirm that this is working for me as well, so thanks for that.


    May I suggest, though, to add this support to the application in a way that does not require (undocumented?) back doors?

    The application is clearly able to build the user interface for it, and it would make the system a lot more user friendly.

  • Glad it's working. I hear you on wanting this to be part of the product. We've certainly had backdoor codes build out into true features (the mirror field, for example). I'd be interested in seeing if other folks are encountering this same limitation (hopefully they'll upvote!). Thanks!

  • My team is currently using a dropdown loop method for selecting the type of repair conducted which then uses reference data to auto-populate the price for that type of repair. I then use a calculation to add the pricing for all repair types selected. For example: The user could choose an upper barrel repair and an extension (part) add-on, which have separate costs for each.

    Our team often forgets to add a lot of the different items we should be charging for, so I'd like the above idea of having reference data driven by a multi-choice interface. However, how can I get the system to auto-populate the price based on the user's multi-choice selections without having to use a loop screen? Is this possible?

  • Hey David,

    I'm not sure I follow what you are trying to do. It sounds like you need dependent reference data that will allow the user to apply add-ons that are dependent upon the type of repair chosen that will be added to the price. But without a loop screen, you would only be able to add one repair item in the provided fields. Could you please clarify what you mean, or better yet provide screenshots of your app and reference data, that would help a lot! 


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